“Ah, my back aches,” just making this declaration is one common symptom. This ache can range from a dull, constant ache to sudden, sharp pain. Acute, or short – term, backache can come on suddenly and become chronic. The causes for this devastating pain can be multiple .one among them is lumbar spondylitis.
Spondylitis is an aging phenomenon. With age, the bones and ligaments in the spine wear, leading to bone spurs (osteoarthritis). Also, the intervertebral discs degenerate and weaken, which can lead to disc herniation and bulging discs.It is a progressive and irreversible disease.
Lumbar spondylosis can be described as a degeneration of the lumbar vertebrae. It mostly occurs in older patients. The lumbar region is mostly affected because this region is most exposed to mechanical stress due to the pressure on the spinal segments while standing and due to spinal movements. There could be formation of osteophytes which will produce pain. Along with which the patient can also experience joint stiffness, and limitation in movements.
The most common causes for lumbar spondylosis are:-
•    Lifestyle : In individuals without ergonomic care for e.g. while working in front of computers, Driving, Travelling etc.
•    Repeated injury or strain
•    Age : Individuals above the age of 40 are more prone to develop the disease.

Patients with lumbar spondylosis come to us with the following symptoms. Many people with spondylosis on X-ray do not have any symptoms. But patient can have joint stiffness and limitation in movements. In some people, spondylosis causes back pain  due to nerve compression (pinched nerves). Nerve compression is caused by bulging discs and bone spurs on the facet joints, causing narrowing of the holes where the nerve roots exit the spinal canal (foraminal stenosis). Even if they are not large enough to directly pinch a nerve, bulging discs can cause local inflammation and cause the nerves in the spine to become more sensitive, increasing the pain.

When to Seek Medical Care for Spondylosis?

•    If your pain is not manageable with the prescribed treatment
•    For the development of acute nerve dysfunction, such weakness in one or more limbs (For example, see your doctor if your leg is weak and you are unable to flex your foot at the ankle or walk on your toes or heels.)
•    Loss of bladder or bowel control, in the setting of acute back or neck pain, such as inability to start or stop urinating, can indicate a serious nerve dysfunction and should be evaluated at the emergency department immediately.
•    Numbness in the groin area

What Can You Do To Help?

    Respect your pain - rest when the pain becomes significant
    Avoid over-stressing joints with forceful or prolonged weight bearing activities e.g.: lifting, jogging
    Avoid jarring or sudden movements
    Lose Weight - the less you weigh the less your spine has to support
    Keep up General Exercise where pain allows e.g. walking, swimming, cycling
    Perform Core Stability Exercises to best support your spine and reduce your pain

What Homoeopathy does?

Homoeopathy follows an individualistic approach towards patients suffering from lumbar spondylosis. We believe that every individual is different and thus a full in-depth case study is the first step. Then referring to the risk factors the individual was subjected to, a particular line of treatment is adopted. The response to treatment can differ from one individual to another.
Our medicines can be started with conventional treatment depending upon the disease state and case. It prevents fusion of joints and the further spread of disease in other organs. In mild and moderate disease stages complete cure has been achieved, in cases where the disease process has lead to destruction of the joint as in severe cases homoeopathy can offer excellent palliative treatment. It can relieve symptoms like pain, stiffness and increases joint motility.

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